Looking For A Property?

At Maison Real we are dedicated to matching tenants to the right property. Our current list of properties available for lease is displayed on our website. Please register on our contact us page if you would like to receive regular updates of rental properties that are available.

Found A Property?

Once you have found a property to call home we will need a Tenancy Application Form from each occupant. You can hand deliver or email to the office, be sure to include 100 points of identification and proof of income. Provided we have received all the necessary information and made contact with your referees, your application will be processed within 24 hours.

Application Approved

Once your application has been approved we will need the following procedures to take place within 24 hours :
The lease agreement needs to be signed by all parties;
The bond needs to be paid. This must be an EFT to Maison Real Estate Agents for the amount stated;
The first calendar month’s rental paid.

Paying Your Rent

Rental payments can be made via our direct debit through Payment Gateway System. If this is the desired method of payment, the direct debit form needs to be completed in full upon signing of the lease agreement. If you wish to make other arrangements for rental payments please discuss with the Property Manager.

Connecting Your Utilities

Maison Real engage in the connection services of Move Me In. Move Me In takes the hassles out of moving homes. We understand that moving homes can be a stressful experience. Move Me In helps our customers by connecting their electricity, gas, water, telephone and internet services in one easy phone call. The best thing about the services is that they are absolutely FREE! Your Property Manager can arrange this service for you when you sign the lease agreement.

Benefits to tenants:

1. Access to great genuine discounted rates from recognised industry suppliers (25%+ cheaper than competitors)
2. Compare and choose best suppliers all online via our connections self-service portal 24/7
3. No need to wait for a phone call, the link gets sent automatically as soon as agent approves tenant for a rental property
4. Due to the details already in App Tracker, we prepopulate much of the personal details in the portal saving time signing up
5. Avoid the last minute no-power situations, we remind tenants to do their connections as soon as they’re approved
6. Free House warming gift – FREE Pizza meal from Dominos

Condition Report

The Condition Report is given to you on the day you move into the property. This report is an important written record of the condition of the premises and you will need to complete, sign and send all attachments to the agent within 3 business days of moving into the property. If you fail to complete this report accurately, it may result in difficulty to claim your full bond at the end of the tenancy.

Repairs & Maintenance

We require all repairs and maintenance requests in writing via our Maintenance Request Form or in the form of email. If under the Residential Tenancies Act the repair is classified as urgent, the matter can be reported directly to your property manager on 0435 978 759. It is highly recommended that you also report the urgent repair in writing.

Contents Insurance

We advise all tenants to insure their own contents as they are not covered under the Landlord's Insurance.
In the event that you, another occupier, or visitor accidentally damages the property and rectification work is required, you may be required to pay any excess that may apply to the owner’s insurance cover.


Maison Real Estate Agents retains a duplicate key to all properties for emergency access. Locks can only be changed after you have obtained permission from your Property Manager and you would then need to supply us with a spare set of those keys.

Routine Inspections

For a new tenancy the 1st routine inspection is conducted at 3 months through the tenancy and will be discussed at the tenant induction meeting, then occur every 6 months thereafter. You will be notified within 7 days of the scheduled inspection, if you are not present we will access the property with the office set of keys.

Sub Leasing

Your tenancy agreement states the number of people that have been approved and who can occupy the property. If there is any change in either the original occupants or any additional occupants, please notify your Property Manager immediately and please be advised that there is an administration fee that will apply for the changes to be made.

Vacating Your Rental Property

If you intend to vacate property this must be given in writing, please complete the Notice of intention to Vacate.