Tenancy Application Form

Please read prior to completing your application.

1. The application must be accompanied by relevant supporting documentation.
2. Maison Real will only be taking initial payment via bank transfer.
3. If you are approved you will be required to pay bond and the first calendar months’ rent to secure the property within 48 hours of acceptance.
4. You will be required to attend a sign-up appointment within 48 hours of approval to sign lease documentation.

Rent Payment

Applicants Checklist

Before I submit this application, I/we have:

Supporting Documentation

When submitting an application you must include at least one item from each section per applicant.

Section One

Driver’s Licence
Proof of Age Card

Section One

Current Payslips (minimum 2)
If new job - Letter of offer incl Salary Statement of Centrelink Entitlements Bank Statement

Section Two

Previous Tenant Statement
Council Rates
Motor Vehicle Registration
Utilities or Phone Account

Address of property you are applying for

Tenancy Requirements

Applicant Details

Emergency Contact

Please provide an emergency contact not living with you (eg: Next of Kin)

Current Address Details

If owner occupier include details here

Previous Rental Details

Current Employment/Self Employed

If less than 6 months in current job please also provide previous employment details.


Centrelink Benefits

Additional source of income

Personal Referee

(cannot be related)


I confirm that during my inspection of this property I found it to be in a satisfactory condition and suitable for occupancy.

If No, I believe the following items should be attended to prior to the commencement of my tenancy. I acknowledge and understand that these items are subject to the landlord’s approval and do not form part of the Tenancy Agreement.

I also acknowledge that this rental application is subject to the Landlord’s approval and I consent to the information provided in this application being verified and a reference check on National Tenancy Database being undertaken

Privacy Act Acknowledgement for Tenants

I provide consent for the Agency as part of application processing to contact all necessary people (such as referees, other agents, tenancy databases) to verify the Application information provided and understand that all Federal Privacy Act requirements and the Australian Privacy Principles will be adhered to by the Agency.

I consent to my personal information being passed on during the tenancy (should it commence) and after the tenancy if required to other third parties which include however are not limited to tradespeople/contractors, salespeople, body corporate, tenancy databases and other relevant parties in full compliance with the Federal Privacy Act and any other relevant information. The Lessor of the property will be provided all relevant information as the tenancy agreement is between the lessor and the tenant; the agency manages the property on behalf of the lessor. The agreement should it commence is a contract between the lessor and the tenant; personal information will be passed onto the lessor as the owner of the property.

I also acknowledge that: I am responsible for ensuring the main power switch is turned off to enable power to be connected.
The premise is a “Smoke Free Zone” and I/we will ensure there is no smoking inside the premises.

Applicant Signature