Always going above and beyond

Raj , 14 Jan 2019

Priscilla has been my property manager for about 5 years, and I can honestly say that I haven’t had a better agent work for me than her.
She is one of those people who will go above and beyond for her clients which sometimes are not even in her job description. She always keeps me well informed about every small detail of my property and the condition reports are very thorough with excellent insights to the smallest of issues if there were any.
She has always put my needs first in finding the most suitable tenants even doing some extra work to find out if the applicants are suitable for the property rather than just trying to fill in a vacant property with any one. All the tenants that she has found for my property have been excellent.
She is always reachable and if not available at any given time, she is very prompt in getting back to me . she has done an excellent job while working for a business, and I can only imagine what she is capable of when she is working for herself and the 1st class service he will be providing her clients.